Sensing & Sense Making
Support Gharsah School Libanon _ Beneficial Event

On August 13th August 2020, the two non profit organisations Gharsah Sweden and The Moving Academy invite to a beneficial event, initiating a sharing practice and public quest  to support the maintenance of the strongly affected school-project for syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

RealTime Labs 2020
Improvisation & Realtime Composition

! please notice the changes of planning !


The Next ::: Lab #5 _ Resonance // Resonanz

18. & 19. July  

with Kristin Guttenberg, Pom Bouvier-b and Vincent Lajü

Core Practice
Body Mind Practice and Artistic Practice


22. Februar _ 18-21h

23. Februar _ 10-13h

22. März _ 16-19h

23. März _ 16-19h

mit Kristin Guttenberg

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg 

Active Retreat
Atem & Energie // Breath & Energy

Von 05.-09. April 2020 

in der Natur Nordspaniens zwischen Bergen und Meer.

mit Kristin Guttenberg